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NEW Bridal Eye Prep Treatments for 2018!

Let's be honest, you want your wedding day (or any day for that matter) to go as close to perfect as humanly possible! However, most brides wake up super early on their wedding day despite having stayed up late the night before engaging with family and friends at the rehearsal dinner. There have been countless times that while I am doing make up, brides are sipping caffeine between brush strokes, talking about how late they stayed up having cocktails and letting an occasional yawn slip.

Therefore, for 2018, I have decided to go to battle and combat tired eyes with a new product that I LOVE!

Introducing To Go Spa Ice Water Eye Treatments!

These little silicone pads are soaked in all the good stuff that de-puff your eyes like Aloe Vera, Collagen, Amino Acids & Vitamins! Leave them on 15-20 min. They are the perfect way to start your morning while you spritz a little dry shampoo on your tresses or practice a relaxing meditation.

BEAUTY BY JOETTE will be offering To Go Spa Eye Treatments for all 2018 Brides at a rate of $12!!! I love getting to offer new products that I trust and will help better your wedding day!




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