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New Happenings for 2018 : BEAUTY, BODY, BALANCE.

The beginning of the year! The "Monday" of all Months! Quite Honestly, I LOVE the beginning of the year!

Chock full of fresh starts, new chapters, reinventing oneself and the excitement of the unknown. However, there is a particular fear that could easily form during starting something new. I admit throughout my life I have made some decisions out of fear. Although in 2017, more than ever, I learned to embrace newness and feel a sense of thrill from the possibility that so many things could happen within the upcoming year!

Therefore, I am immensely excited to announce that Beauty by Joette is going to be taking a broader approach to beauty for 2018.

As we all know, Beauty is more than skin deep, Beauty is the emotions you feel within yourself and about yourself. Beauty is the aura you walk with daily and the positive projections you give to the world. Beauty is a healthy body and peaceful mind. A kind heart and coming from a place of love. Beauty is your confidence and the way you pick yourself up after you fail. Beauty is more than just a simple eyebrow tutorial or a list of lipsticks that will last all day. Beauty is more than a lesson on monochromatic looks and what colors are opposite on a color wheel.

This year begins a new chapter for BEAUTY BY JOETTE. This year BEAUTY BY JOETTE will focus on three areas instead of one. "BEAUTY, BODY, BALANCE." This means incorporating mindful practices, positive messages, healthy eats, fitness advice & workouts into this website!


During January 2017, I came across a book called, "Spirit Junkie" by Gabrielle Bernstein. This book helped me shift my mindset to faith over fear. I dabbled in meditation and went on to continue reading more of her books. I found the spirituality practices she taught me have positively altered the woman I am and it allowed so many opportunities in my life. One of those opportunities was teaching a fitness class. I had created the class 6 months prior in Jan. 2017, in my home, solely to just save myself money. I never thought I would end up showing it to anyone. In June 2017, my fitness instructor at the time was going on vacation and asked me to fill in for her. I agreed although I was nervous. I had no formal fitness training , however, knew I had the knowledge and desire to help people physically. After my first class, I felt so proud of myself and couldn't wait to create more routines! A few weeks went by and I was doing make up for a maternity photo shoot. We chatted as I blended her eyeshadow and she mentioned that she owned a gym about 20 minutes from my town. I briefly told her that I had just filled in for my instructor and really liked doing it! I finished her makeup , hugged her and couldn't wait to see her photos. To my surprise, a week later, I received a message from her asking me if I would be interested in teaching at her gym. It made me smile to think that she wanted to give me this chance even though she had never seen me teach! I am so glad I decided to say yes because I am so in love with leading my class, "Sweat w/ Joette" and helping people reach their fitness goals. I have had the chance to meet so many new wonderful people and I realized that I truly enjoy the challenge of creating routines that are fun and effective.

With all of this being said, I will continue to deliver my work as a bridal and editorial make up artist. It is my passion and I love getting to create beauty for women on their wedding day and special events. Although, it is time for me to break through a wall that has been standing before me for some time now. It is my life's mission to evoke beauty and confidence within women and a major component of that is also "Body" and "Balance."

I can't wait to see where the upcoming year takes me and hope all of my friends & readers enjoy all the new content that will provided!





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